Data Science Generalists jobs for Freshers


Today’s economy is leaning more toward analytics. Major corporate houses are collecting data for many years to come. According to LinkedIn, there is a huge demand for people who can mine and interpret data, i.e. the data scientists. It can be rightly said that the future belongs to the data scientist. It is estimated that by the year 2019 there will be an availability of around one million jobs for them. More and more data will offer opportunities to drive the key business decisions. Data science is definitely going to change the way we view the world deluged with data around us.

Data science generalists are a mix of mathematicians, software developers, and computer scientists. The role and responsibility of the data scientist are to decipher large volumes of data and carry out further analysis. They work to find trends in the data and gain a deeper insight into what it all means. Data scientists operate between the business and IT worlds by analysing complex datasets.  This write-up is to help you to know more about the different job opportunities for data scientist fresher.

  • Data Science Generalist

 The companies hiring data science generalists generally look for someone who is a quick learner and a great communicator. Decent writing skills and communication is important in this field. Their work would be to experiment with the latest algorithms and statistics to find the best way to solve a data science problem.

  • Data Analyst

In some companies, the job of data scientist is synonymous to a data analyst. Here your role would be to pull data out of SQL databases and become an Excel or Tableau master. You may also have to produce basic data visualizations and reporting dashboards and analyse the results of an A/B test.

  • Data Mining Engineer

The role of data mining engineer is to examine the data for his own company and also that of the third parties. You would also have to create sophisticated algorithms to help analyze the data further.

  • Data Engineer

Some companies have an excessively large volume of data. They start looking for a data engineer whose function would be to set up a lot of the data infrastructure that the company would require moving forward. Here you may also have to analyse the huge traffic for the company. For the fresher, heavy statistics and machine learning expertise is less important than strong software engineering skills.

  • Machine Learning Engineer

In a number of companies, the data is their final product. For them machine learning is an integral part of their work. The type of jobs offered by them is ideal for someone from Mathematics, Statistics or Physics background. The companies of this type are mostly consumer-facing ones. They deal with a massive amount of data on a regular basis. Here you are required to develop algorithms to determine relevant products. You should be able to analyse search patterns and customer behaviours to form strategies and involve machine learning techniques for continuous improvement of results.

  • Data Architect

The data architect has an important role in the field of data science. They work closely with the system designers and developers to create blueprints of the data management system.

  • Data Management Lead

Their key role is to provide insight and guidance into data strategy. They should possess sound knowledge of the implementation of data management methodologies and tools. Here you are required to lead the development and implementation of data governance workflows for the collection and management of the business.

The above were few important job profiles where a fresher data science generalist can apply. If you wish to know more about them, visit the popular job portals like LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, Monster, Naukri, etc

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