Reasons Finance Planners Need Further Education in Estate Planning


Since CPAs and other professionals in finance are involved intimately in their client’s personal affairs concerning their finances is a main reason. Also they will be offering their client advice on estate planning matters. Because of this they need to be educated in Estate Planning. The Certified Specialist in Estate Planning® (CSEP) program is one in which there will be a curriculum of core and elective courses designed to teach and expand professional’s knowledge in this field.


According to a Temecula Estate Planning Attorney, candidates will need to complete 6 core courses and 2 electives and then pass an exam that is related to each. These courses offered in the Estate Planning® Certified Specialist program vary in level of knowledge from basic to advance.

Design for

Online master’s in finance is designed for current finance professionals as well as those looking to make an entry into the financial service industry. This entire program has an emphasis on real world experience in:

  • Hedging techniques
  • Trading
  • Risk Management
  • Financial analytics

Online you will be using the latest software working towards certification.

More information

You can find more information about earning a Master of Science in Finance online through several colleges or universities.

Women and men

One important item Estate Planning professionals need to be educated on is that estate planning for a man and a woman are very different. Women are often found in different circumstances than men, so it is even more important for Estate Planners to learn this when working for their certification. Women are advised to consult with an experienced estate planning professional.


This is important because women usually live about 4.9 years longer than men. So a woman needs her assets to last somewhat longer than a man does. This happens because a wife will outlive her husband, so the spouse will inherit her husband’s assets as well as having the final word about the nature of assets that will be left for their heirs.

Awareness Week

It is important to know that the week of October 24th through 29th is National Estate Planning Awareness Week. This time is so important since many people in the United States are not prepared for some things and don’t know the people that they need to get advice from.


There are many reasons why there are so many individuals who are unprepared. One primary cause is lack of understanding and that is when the Estate Planner becomes so important.


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