The Worst Advice we’ve ever heard about finding a job


One of the often heard advices that come without any solicitation is to take up a job on first come first served basis.  Let us evaluate the quality of advice against this backdrop to ascertain how good or bad it can be. There is an underlying tension among first time job seekers about how much time it would take to find a job. Well, it depends on the prerogative of the candidates. Some people might be in pressing need for a job because of monetary concerns that have to be addressed on priority.  There are others who want a job but are not sure what would be most suited for them – they are the open type ready to jump at any opportunity that comes across. There is a third group that has defined strategies to pursue their goals in seeking a job that is just cut out for them and does not mind to wait till their turn comes.

Sooner is not better

The first come first served policy of selecting jobs is fraught with a lot of disadvantages that are gradually discovered after the initial euphoria of getting the fist job subsides. When you are too eager to lap up anything that comes your way, you lose the appetite of negotiating for your benefits. You are already committed to saying yes to the offer even before the interview is completed  as you would not like to let it go, come what may. As a result your acceptance turns out to be something that you do not like at all and start feeling the discomfort of wearing shoes of the wrong size. You are never at ease with the job.

Be guided on your own

As a first timer in the job market you will be driven off your feet with heavy stream of advices from all around, each piece of advice directing you towards the right choice of job. There is nothing wrong to put all these advices in your basket with an open mind, but be careful not to pick any of these without vetting with your own ideas. There would be some that have just to be ignored while there will be others that merit some attention.  This is a safe way of keeping away from the trap of taking up a job at first sight that can leave you unhappy.

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Take time to decide

It cannot be assured that the job that you get at the soonest is just in the groove but it should neither be out of track also, as it happens often. If the pay cheque is your only consolation after getting the job then you have stepped into the wrong shoes in a hurry.

To ensure that you are as happy with the job as much with the pay cheque is to have patience to find the job that has ticked the maximum number of boxes of your choice. And it can never happen if you take what you get without any thought.

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