The ways outdoor learning can positively impact your child


Outdoor learning can benefit your child in a variety of ways, enabling them to find out more about the world and build their self-confidence. Read on to learn about various ways outdoor learning can help your little one.

Learning happens everywhere

When learning takes place outside of the classroom as well as inside it, children find that learning can happen anywhere. By learning in outdoor environments, kids can learn to appreciate the beauty of the great outdoors, taking risks that teach them to protect themselves from danger. Outdoor play allows children to challenge themselves, find out more about themselves and learn more about how the world works. Fulfilling and valuable activities that can take place outdoors can include climbing trees, putting up tents, making dens and many more.

Risk-assessed outdoor activities

Risk-assessed activities will remove most dangers but won’t take away absolutely every single risk. When outdoor activities are planned, the benefits can be assessed and steps can be taken to make play safe. However, it’s important not to eliminate every singles risk as some dangers allow children to learn. Learning isn’t solely about reading books and playing with toys – outdoor learning helps children to respect nature, care for all living beings and appreciate the beauty of parks, gardens, forests and more.

Ideal for development

Outdoor learning experiences help children to solve problems, encourage their holistic development, identify risks and hazards, become more resilient to testing climates and find out more about how we can protect the environment. They can also heighten self-esteem and self-awareness, deliver considerable physical and mental benefits, teach them the value of teamwork and collaboration and enhance their communication skills. What’s more is that outdoor play can help children develop a lifelong affection for the great outdoors.

Fighting health problems

Another key benefit of outdoor play is that helps education providers and parents to fight the battle against childhood obesity. It’s often said we are living in a more sedentary society, with children spending vast amounts of their spare time playing video games and watching TV rather than discovering the joys of the outdoors. It has become more important than ever to allow children to learn outside of the classroom. The risks that come with outdoor play teach children not to give up easily and to continue to battle obstacles until positive outcomes are gained.

How Isabello’s can help

The team at Isabello’s are passionate about outdoor play and encouraging preschool children to appreciate the world around them. The preschool is located just off the A23 in West Sussex and caters for children aged between 2-5. It is run from the church hall, independently from the church itself, though the nursery does have strong links with its committee.

A range of activities

Isabello’s was created to offer exceptional preschool care and follows the EYFS framework to enhance the quality of preschool learning. A wide range of outdoor learning activities take place within the grounds and surrounding areas. Additional activities include the Forest School, which provides young learners with indispensable hands-on opportunities to learn in natural environments such as woodlands. Other additional activities on offer at Isabello’s include Yoga for Kids to increase body awareness, coordination, strength and flexibility as well as additional languages to heighten the learning potential of preschool children.

Talk to Isabello’s

Morning, afternoon and full-day preschool sessions are available at Isabello’s, with 15 and 30 hours Government funding also being accepted. You can get in touch with Isabello’s, the leading Clayton Pre-School at any time if you do have any queries about the indoor and outdoor learning opportunities that they provide. To reach Isabello’s today, simply give the team a call on 07534 701 625 or send an email to [email protected].

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