Why Students Need a VPN


I wish I found out sooner, but VPNs are the tweak that you need in your student life to strike a glorious balance of “great social life, enough sleep and good grades”. This tool helps make everything easier, safer and smoother. So, what is a VPN and how did it help me get through university?  A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a software that allows you to create a private tunnel within the public internet.  So, what does this mean for a student?  Find out, as I explore as I used a VPN to get through school!


As a student, you are most likely spending a lot of your time online: in your dorms, campus, library, cafes – all places that forces you to rely on public Wi-Fi. Yet little did you know that such connection serves as a perfect avenue for attackers to snatch your personal information. VPN will protect you with identity and location masking so problem solved!

Unblocking Restricted Content

There are times when you stumble upon important and valuable content for an upcoming important essay that is blocked in your country – are you just going to stop there and drop this piece of valuable information? No way! Just change your location with VPN.  Still, what student only cares about studying?  I used my VPN to ensure that my location never stopped from me from watching a Youtube video that is blocked because I was in the UK.  That way, I got to enjoy surfing the net without worrying about anyone tracking me down (even my own university!)  What’s better than getting access to content all over the globe with no restrictions and having fun at your own pace?

Digital Freedom

Maybe those copyright notices from your university is scaring you from happily downloading torrents.  Maybe your school block video games, either by accident or to save bandwidth.  Either way, VPN makes you worry less and enjoy life more.  After all, why should your school’s restrictions stop you from having a little fun?

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