How to choose essay writing service


Sometimes you’re so busy that you just don’t have time to write an essay and deliver it to your teacher not even in a week, in this case we both know that you need essay writing service.

Be careful if you use low quality essay writing service it may turn to be a plagiarism service and that is a big problem because your teacher will think that you steal other peoples works and make some modifications to it so it look new and that is the worst can happen to you

So I gathered some information from my own experience and my friends to help you find the best and most trust worthy essay writing services.

There are three main researches you need to do about your chosen essay writing service

  • Offsite research
  • Onsite research
  • Review and testimonial research

Onsite research:-

  • Check for Writers native language: many essay writing service providers hire people from other countries and you shouldn’t hire bilingual writer for you can hire native one who understands nuance much more. The possibility to choose certain writers is even better.
  • Money back policy: because of the nature of this service money back guarantee is a must because you may use their essay’s and it turns out later that their content wasn’t original and that puts you in a bad situation, so you have to know if they provide money back guarantee to be sure that their writers will put all the effort they can in your papers or else they lose their money
  • Customer Support: like any other business the availability of customer support is crucial and it proves that the service is custom and the staff is tuned to your frequency. And especially if It you need urgent order it is very important to know that you can reach customer support whenever you need assistance.
  • Price rate: many service providers have really cheap rate for their service but the problem that comes with it is enormous from Plagiarism content to bad grammar not to mention that you could be accused by Plagiarism yourself, so let me put it this way High quality essay writing services cannot be cheap. It simply can’t. Beside rates charged by professional writers in specialized subjects like finance, economics, history and literature CANNOT be take my advice and don’t be dingy while you chose essay writing service.

Offsite research:-

Ask your friends and colleague: first ask for recommendation of your friends, schoolmates for the best services they have used before you narrow down to few service providers.

Review and testimonial research:-

  • You need to do this step to be sure that others have been satisfied with the service and also guarantee that the content of essay will be original and plagiarism-free. It is very simple to check previous customer’s reviews but it is really helpful in choosing the best essay writing service.
  • Check for review from other students on web: when you collect up some sites and want to choose from them you can check for reviews about them on web and youtube.
  • Real client’s testimonials: same as I advised earlier you need to check for real reviews but you can check on the site itself for the previous client’s testimonials
  • Check for review on forums and rating portals: I personally used to read feedback from real customers on forums and portals before I used to choose the essay writing service it’s really comforting when you know for example that a lot of students some site as trustworthy. Check our contacts in here
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