5 Top Preschools in India


For the overall progress of your kid, it is essential to find the right preschool for them. There are numerous preschools in India that follow different strategies and curriculum to ensure your kids make the best of their most important learning phase of life. Here we help you locate the best preschool for your kid by mentioning the 5 top preschools in India.

Looking for top preschools in India? A preschool is lays the basic foundation of learning in any child. And to ensure that this foundation is strong and sturdy, you need to find nothing but the best for your child. Research reveals that by the age of 5, 90% of the child’s brain has already developed. So, these are the five crucial years that you can make the most of and impart meaningful teaching to your child. Thus, the years that your child spends at the preschool play a vital role in their life. To make your task of finding the best preschool a little easier, here we discuss the 5 top preschools in India in no particular order:

  1. Maple Bear – Maple Bear is known for providing a Canadian styled education system in a child focused atmosphere. They work with a single goal to provide a secure and motivating environment for the kids to inculcate a life-long passion for learning. Their complete curriculum is based on teaching through play, exploration and experience because they believe that a child learns best through play.
  1. Kidzee – Being Asia’s largest chain of preschools, Kidzee is definitely among the top 5 preschools. It has its 1350 branches in more than 500 cities across the nation. It believes in providing a “nurturing environment” to its students and thus cultivating the unique potential in each child. It has taught more than 4 lakh kids in India in the last decade. They follow a unique curriculum called iLLUME that is University-verified.


  1. Euro Kids – Their unique philosophy is “Balance schooling” where they ensure that the kid not just succeed in academics but also explore their potential in co-curricular activities. They have over 900 centers across India, Euro Kids is known as a premier preschool chain in India. They work towards the holistic development of a child that takes into account social, mental, emotional, cognitive, physical, and spiritual skills too.


  1. Shemrock – Established in 1989, Shemrock is the oldest and the first preschool chains in India. It laid down its foundation two decades back and today it has more than 425 preschools all across the nation and abroad that are running very successfully. It is one of the most awarded preschool chains in India. It is the only preschool that uses a cartoon (Chhota Bheem) as its brand ambassador. Shemrock is managed by extremely skilled and qualified Educationists.


  1. Hello Kids – It is one the top preschools of the country that targets the middle-class and is successfully running almost 300 learning centers across different states of India. They work on a different concept and for the same have designed their school differently too. They enlighten their kids by entertaining them. Your kids will learn to be independent, refined skills, verbal communication and become socially aware. You can be assured of complete thorough development of your kid and make them learn how to use all of their five senses sensibly.


Before you choose any of the above mentioned preschools for your kid, you must check and compare the facilities provided and the curriculum used at these schools. This will surely help you make the right decision for the future of your child!

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