All about holiday working visa Canada Program


Every millennial in our generation wants to go on a world trip. As world is integrating more and more each passing day, moving from one corner to another is also becoming easy. Everyone now wants to save money and travel their heart out. A working holiday visa makes it more affordable for the young population. This visa gives you permission to travel, live and work in the country for up to a certain period of time. This is great for people who want to travel and work to compensate for their expenses. An open work permit is the major attraction of this program as you can work under as many employers as you want in your time of stay. And all the employers will be of your choice. You also do not need to hunt for a job letter before applying for this visa. You can approach employers after coming to the country. Other visa programs do not provide this facility to the immigrants. They have only employer specific work permits.

What are the requirements to apply for a holiday working visa Canada Program?

  • A citizen of any of the 33 countries with which Canada has a “bilateral youth mobility agreement”. These countries are collectively grouped under International Experience Canada participating countries.
  • In the time of applying, the applicant should be of age 18 to 30 or 35 depending on the country to which he belongs to.
  • A person with no illicit records. A police record needs to be submitted to prove this detail.
  • A person who has enough money to support his stay in the country for the stipulated time period. The minimum would be 2500 Canadian dollars.
  • Before departing, a person should either have a full round trip ticket or have an equivalent financial resource so as to guarantee his capability to return to his home country after the expiry of his visa.
  • He cannot be accompanied with people reliant on his income.
  • He has to pay the fees required for application to such visa.
  • If the person happens to have stayed for more than six months in a country which is not included in International Experience Canada participating countries, a medical examination may be vital.

A candidate needs to submit his profile to the International Experience Canada. It is a section of Foreign Affairs of Trade and Management Canada that deals with the issues relating to holiday working visa Canada program. The candidate then needs to wait for an invitation to apply from the authority in order to proceed further. Along with relevant documents, the candidate needs to pay 150 Canadian dollars as participation fee and additional 100 Canadian dollars for holding an open work permit.

A letter of introduction will be provided to the successful applicants. This is a crucial document as it will be needed to be shown to the immigration officer either in the airport or a border crossing to obtain the work permit.

If you are eligible for the working holiday Canada visa, you should definitely give it a try. The country truly deserves a visit.

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