Why It’s Very important To Learn About Business Writing


Business writing is a professional communication that is utilized in the workplace. It can be used in reports, emails, presentations, chats and other forms of writing that are applied in the organization. Professionalism is the game if you think about this type of writing, it’s not a very complicated writing style but it demands clarity and proper execution.

Even if that is the case, there are still many businesses that are struggling with this style. This is because these companies never realized how serious business writing is. There is no denying that communication is the backbone of sealing the deal with clients, aside from the performance and good numbers, communication is also an integral part in making sure that customers continue to do business with the company.

Written communication is important: Communication is very important, and one of the most utilized form of communication in a workplace is verbal and written. These types of communication bridges the gap in making people understand the things that are going on in a company. While verbal communication is the most effective one, it’s not always the most common form of communication utilized all the time. Like for example a company that has an offshore client. Sometimes talking is tasking since you need to set up a meeting and all that, but thru chat, emails and all that a message is relayed with haste.

It’s a problem: Can you imagine losing a long-standing client over lack of communication or the message was not properly conveyed to them?  That they completely lost trust in your company and switched to your competition? This happens often and one of the reason why is because of the lack of communication. While verbal communication is easy to practice, written communication takes time. It’s a skill, the ability to convey a message properly as what it was intended to is the aim. This is very critical with businesses because any lack of miscommunication can lead to a disaster.

It’s not as complicated a it sounds: As mentioned above, office written communication is not as complicated as it seems, although the burden in conveying a message correctly in a timely manner is very important. So what is the secret to business writing? You will be surprised and mostly it’s common sense:

  • The way you act professionally should also be eminent in your messages, never call your client dude!
  • The message that you are trying to convey should be understood
  • The message should be short and simple
  • The message should be proofread (free from grammatical errors)

Writing in business format is not a known writing style, but it has rules on its own that a professional needs to know. Communication is very important because it allows understanding, for business this is a very critical function that needs to be practiced and properly executed at all times especially when communicating with customers. Writing is a skill on its own and the ability to write something that you meant is a skill that should be honed especially in business and especially if the clients are located offshore, where the fastest communication is thru email and chats. The last thing you want is to lose any client due to miscommunication or lack of it, if you want to learn more about business writing training visit refresh marketing today.

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