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It is not difficult to imagine the plight of the jobless youth. They wander here and there not knowing what to do with their time. For this, it is important to seek the latest job in new firms and businesses. Many job openings are present only for people qualified in that line. For instance, there are many BPO jobs but only those who are conversant with BPO operations and having computer operational skills get selected.

A Great Number of Openings in the Metros

The other big option is to go to a big metro like Mumbai. There are teaching jobs in Mumbai that one can apply to. It is in tutorial centers that provide coaching classes for those appearing for exams. Or, one may get an Office Boy Job in Mumbai since this does not require any qualification. As a last resort, one can take up Sales Jobs since this is an open field with unlimited opportunities. The government is doing its part in this regard. The Prime Minister Employment generation programme, My MSME has given financial aid of INR 7219.78 crore up to 2018-19.

Increasing Number of Openings
When one applies to fill up job vacancies, one has to keep two things in mind. One is that the application must be timely and two that they have all the needed qualifications for the work. The biggest expansion is in the digital sector with more and more jobs being created every day. It is also due to the efforts of the government that this is happening. The Digital India Programme under the MoE & IT ministry aims to make India a Digitally Empowered Nation. It has provided an outlay of 1 lakh crore INR so far.
In this same line, there is the office work in metros because of new firms opening every day. You get receptionist jobs in Delhi and receptionist jobs in Mumbai and this is less demanding but the pay will be lesser than that in other jobs. For instance, IT Jobs in Bangalore pays handsomely. For this reason, most youngsters are trying to complete IT courses and get these plum postings.
You needn’t feel desperate if you do not have the qualification. There are openings for Office Boy Job in Delhi that will pay a decent salary. Or, you can apply for Cook Jobs if you know a bit of cooking.

One Must be Qualified
It is easy to see that not all Job Openings will suit everyone. For example, a Tailor Job will suit only those who can stitch. To be a Cook in Bangalore, one needs the basic skills. But, one can be a Maid in Mumbai or take up Beautician Jobs without any prior knowledge or skill. One can learn on the job. Then, there is an ever-increasing number of Sales Jobs in Delhi.  

One must be in touch with the opportunities. Search for Jobs near me or register with a Jobs Portal. Just .Jobs is one of the leading job search sites with thousands of openings daily. They have an app that you can download and use for free. It will inform you about job vacancies.

For those with IT knowledge, there are IT Jobs in Delhi, IT Jobs in Mumbai and IT Jobs in Pune. Depending on where you are, you can apply for a job. Don’t forget, there is a Peon Job in Delhi also.

Register at an Employment Agency
Begin by finding the best job with a Job Search at an employment portal like Just Jobs. The National Urban Livelihood Mission (NULM) under the Ministry of Rural Development has an outlay of $5.1 billion to organize rural poor into viable self-help groups. You can get jobs in India from them. Also, there are many BPO Jobs in Mumbai that do not need any qualification. One such will be Delivery Jobs. So, if Naukri Chahiye, then, begins now. For less qualified or old people there are vacancies such as office boy jobs in Bangalore, security guard jobs in Bangalore, security guard jobs in Delhi, and receptionist jobs in Bangalore. To get IT Jobs in Delhi one must have the relevant qualification. Under the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana institutional capacity will be increased to train 40 crore skilled people by 2022.
It is not enough to sit and wish. One must make an effort. Begin today, because all your batch mates will have applied and get the best jobs there are right now. Only when you start earning, you will become a success in life.

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