Good Paying Job – Sectors you must know


Most people believe that the term “good paid job” means a job that pays one a handsome amount of money. Most believe that the formerly mentioned term implies to a job that satisfies One’s soul. A job that makes One happy.

Actually, a good paying job is one which satisfies the person’s needs and makes him or her happy as well. However, a good salary is one’s major concern in searching for a decent job. So, what is one of the highest paying jobs in Australia? Given below are the top 6 jobs that have been considered noble almost since the beginning of the New Age:

  • Doctor (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery: MBBS).
  • Doctor of dental surgery.
  • Military officer.
  • Chartered accounting.


Medicine is considered the top degree all over the world. Almost everyone dreams of becoming a doctor. It offers a wide range of medicine-related career options. One might choose dentistry, dermatology (skin specialization), cardiology (heart specialization), neurology (brain specialization) and so many more! Handsome salaries are paid.


Another noble profession is engineering. If a person is good at math and likes challenges, engineering is a good option for him and her to choose as a career. Many more options are derived from this field as well. One might choose aircraft engineering, Microsoft engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering etc.


Quite a wonderful profession for people who are good at winning arguments and have great convincing powers! It pays really well, too. Lawyers have many different fields they can opt for later on, as well. Examples include Criminal law, Family and divorce law etc. Most lawyers choose to become authors and write study guides in law schools or become real estate brokers.


Joining the military is one of the best ways to serve your nation. Saving and protecting the people is a noble cause that all military officers fight for and their families and their people love them for it and are always praying for these heroes’ safety and good health. Now that is a huge reward, if you want to look at it that way. However, as an officer’s service in the military progresses, his or her salary is also increased effectively. Thus, it is a wonderful career choice.

Chartered Accounting

It is one of the most highly paid jobs. Its main subjects include business economics and business and commercial knowledge, business mathematics and logical reasoning, administration and a few optional subjects. The job of a chartered accountant is to provide accounting and business advice to companies and individuals.

Now, it is always important to chase your dreams as well. Do something that makes you feel innovative and happy about yourself. Wealth comes and goes. However, it is also important to earn enough money to provide for your family and live a comfortable life. The professions mentioned in this article are necessary to sustain life and keep the world moving and make it a better place for everyone. But, don’t forget your hobbies and always find time for yourself and what you love. Live a happy life. Best of luck!

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