How to become a Personal Trainer


Today we see a rising interest in health awareness. As a result, personal training has been the leading health profession since the early 2000s.

Due to the growing demand in certified trainers, finding a school that offers a degree in personal training is easy. But to succeed as a trainer you need just the right knowledge and motivation. If you want to pursue a career as a Personal Trainer, it is important that you do your research.

Online courses

Today you can choose from hundreds of schools online. Taking an online course gives you several benefits. Most importantly, it’s a flexible way of studying, which allows you to combine school with work and maybe even a hectic family life.

Regardless of which school you choose, you will most likely finish off the course with a written exam. It is also common for the online courses to have one or two seminars before the exam. Here you will participate in practical exercises, along with your teachers and fellow students.

Choose the right school for you

The school you choose could affect your job opportunities in the future. Therefore it is important to choose the right school, according to your goals. Some schools have close relationships with some of the best fitness centers in the country. Making great connections early on could be a golden ticket into the career of your dreams. Maybe you even get to start a job as a personal trainer, while being in school?

Another important factor is choosing a school that provides you with the proper national requirements. Beginning on January 1, 2019, all personal trainers are required to have an education of at least one year. Choosing a full year course will also give you an additional 6 US dollars an hour. That will work wonders on your paycheck.


Since the interest in the field of personal training has exploded, the competition is growing ever more fierce. In order to get the best jobs you will have to stand out. A smart way of doing so, is to get a further specialization in either sports or general health.

The field you specialize in should be based on something you are really good at or passionate about. This will give you a great advantage when you are recruiting clients. Not to mention the boost in client trust it will give you. Becoming an experienced personal trainer takes time. To succeed you should choose a field in training that truly motivates you and always keeps you thirsty for more knowledge. As a personal trainer, enthusiasm goes a long way. It is your job to spread motivation and joy to your clients.

Is your dream to become a certified personal trainer? Active Education offers online courses in personal training and nutrition, which gives you the expertise you need to succeed.

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