How to Jumpstart Your Medical Career


Options exist to help jumpstart your medical career before graduating high school and entering medical school. Simple things like volunteering your time at a senior center or program for disabled children to determine if that is the career path you wish to take. It gives you a good idea of how to direct them to the right resources. One resource may be how to order medications like armodafinil online, for example, as a convenient way to obtain medicine privately and cheaper.

Medical Career

Shadow a Local Physician

Some local physicians may be willing to allow you to shadow them during days off from school from scheduled breaks. This experience helps you see what a day in the life of a physician is really like. There may be hectic days, difficult patients and stories that will break your heart, but that is part of being a doctor. The first thing that a physician will teach you is to really listen to what your patients are saying and listen to the tone of their voice.

Attend Junior College

On summer breaks from high school, consider taking a few introductory courses at a junior college. Some of these credits may be transferrable to medical school or toward graduation credits. Attending junior colleges, and performing well can help your chances of being accepted to a top medical college.

Junior college courses give you an idea of what to expect in college and the type of work that is required for the courses. Starting your career early with educating yourself before jumping right into medical school is beneficial. It strengthens your study habits and ability to retain information.

Pick Majors Carefully

Multiple major changes in college is common. You should have a good idea of what area of medicine you wish to practice before beginning medical school. Pick your major and minor according to the requirements of that medical field. The major and minors that you pick will determine the additional course load that you must take, which can be overwhelming if your major and minor do not tie in together in some way.

Accept an Internship

When you are about half-way through medical school, it is a good idea to begin applying for local internships. These positions are unpaid, but do count toward course hours and credits. The first-hand experience and knowledge gained is invaluable and helps prepare you for residency and caring for patients on your own. It is also a good look into serious health conditions, how they are treated and how they are researched.

Jump starting your medical career shows that your interest is there to help others. You may want to be the one to find a cure to terminal illnesses, or help children recover from surgery faster. Find your real passion and place in the medical industry by starting early, experimenting with different fields of medicine and different positions in the industry. The idea of working in medicine is to do something that you truly love and do not find tedious. When a field of medicine fascinates you, it is your clear career path choice.

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