Selecting A Wheelchair


It is possible to customise most wheelchair parts, including footplates, armrests and seats.

A great wheelchair can enhance the quality of your life. We are about to discuss the main differences between manual wheelchairs and their electric counterparts and how you can customise them to fit your individual preferences.

If you are disabled or suffering from a health condition (such as muscular dystrophy) that has an effect on your walking, hiring or purchasing a wheelchair will enable you to continue doing things you enjoy. You can use it to socialise with all of your family and friends.

Wheelchairs vary from manual models that require the strength of the user to operate to electric ones that are powered by electricity and have a large number of features available.

Both of these types of wheelchairs are smaller than mobility scooters and they are much easier to manoeuvre, which means you will have an easier time using them to access shops and any other establishments. If you have an interest in finding out which of the scooter we tested are the best, you should take a look at our mobility scooter Best Buys.

Purchasing a wheelchair for someone else.

If you’re purchasing a wheelchair for a friend or family member, take into consideration the fact that everyone is not always receptive to the idea. They may believe that being in a wheelchair has a stigma attached to it and they are less than because they need a mobility aid.

If you believe that they harbour these feelings, you should speak with them and explain that having a wheelchair will help make their lives better. It would also be a good idea to let them try out a wheelchair before you go ahead and purchase one.

You can make a private purchase of a wheelchair, but most of the people in the UK who have chairs got them through the NHS wheelchair service. If you would like more information on this, take a look at obtaining wheelchairs and/or hiring one.

Wheelchairs can be placed in one of two categories – powered/electric wheelchairs and manual wheelchairs.

Manual Wheelchairs

These are the best option for those who:

  • Need a wheelchair the majority of the time. This includes indoors or outdoors.
  • Can walk with the help of a mobility aid, but cannot travel long distances. They can use a wheelchair to increase their activity levels.

You will need to have plenty of arm strength in order to use a manual wheelchair. If you do not believe you are able to do this, you can look into attendant-propelled chairs, which were created to be pushed by someone else. Keep in mind that most self-operated chairs have handles that can be used if assistance is needed.

Self-propelled wheelchairs have large wheels in the back. They are fitted with a rim that can be held on to as the user moves the chair about. These wheels make the chair quite large, so it can be difficult to transport this type of wheelchair in the boot of your car. For this reason, you should look for a model that has quick-release wheels. They are quite easy to find these days.

Attendant-propelled chairs have smaller wheels in the back, so they are lighter and easier to transport. They are also simpler to use for the person doing the pushing. On the other hand, they can be hard to use when doing things like mounting kerbs.

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