The Career Benefits of being Multilingual


There are many benefits to knowing how to speak, read and write in more than one language. Billions of people around the world are fluent in at least two languages. An estimated 3.5 billion people use more than one language in their everyday life. While English is known as the language of business, if you know how to speak more than one language, you could advance your career quickly with many businesses.

Multilingual Benefits

Although it can be harder to learn new skills as people get older, there are several ways to learn new languages. For instance, you can go online and sign up for language classes through distance learning. Not only can you purchase language software, but many cities also have schools, like The Language Class, that teach languages to people of all ages. The benefits of learning new language skills apply to your personal, as well as professional, life.

Improves Cognitive Thinking

Taking the time to learn a new language can help improve the way your brain works. Being bi- or multilingual helps to improve cognitive skills. Knowing a second language helps to improve your ability to solve problems, make plans and perform other challenging tasks. The command centre of your brain starts to work better, so you can take on projects that many of your colleagues may be unable to do.

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Makes You More Creative

When you learn a new language, it gives you the ability to be more flexible in both thought and action. The ability to speak another language allows you to come up with different strategies to help resolve problems in the workplace and in your personal life as well. Your creative and innovative solutions to problems can help you earn promotions over more experienced co-workers because you will be more of an asset to your company.

Attracts New Clients

With many businesses being global, your ability to speak more than one language can help your company attract new clients. It is sometimes easier for clients to read, write or speak their own language when conducting business to prevent costly miscommunications. Learning new languages can also make it easier to comprehend business issues or concepts that can easily get lost in translation for most people.

Saves Money for Your Employer

By being able to speak other languages, your company will be able to save money on expensive translation services if they have international business clients. Hiring translators can be costly for businesses but, with your skills, you can help save your company money. In addition, you can help ensure the information your business gets from foreign clients is accurate. This can help you rapidly advance in your career and even receive bonuses for your efforts.

As the Internet helps to expand global markets, learning new languages will be mandatory if you want a career with longevity. You will be able to work in many parts of the world and receive better pay because of your skills.

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