Things that you should always do before handing in an essay


It is always a nice feeling when you complete an essay. After taking days and spending late nights to come up with the perfect draft, there are several things that you are encouraged to do before you can hit submit. Most students know about the obvious steps such as proofreading. However, when submitting an essay, proofreading is not always enough.

It is often recommended that students read through their essays more than once, and each time should be done with a different objective and focus in mind. Not only can doing this have a considerable impact on your final grade, but it can also help you make a good impression that will last in your professor’s mind.

We asked writers who work in professional custom essay writing service firms for tips to improve your chances of success, and here are some things that you should always do before handing in an essay:

Put it aside

Once you complete your first draft and are happy with it, put it aside and concentrate on something else other than your essay instead. You may be limited in terms of time, but a short break can be just what you need to gather your thoughts properly. A short break can allow you to reset so that you can revisit your draft with a fresh perspective.

Read your essay out loud

When you pronounce words that you have written out loud, it is typically a lot easier to notice when something is amiss. Reading out load also forces you to focus on certain words and their meanings, as well as how they impact the tone of your essay.

Check that your format is correct

Are you working on an academic essay or a report? You should always take a keen look at the requirements stipulated by your tutor or professor. Should your essay be double-spaced? Are you supposed to include your name as well as your student number? Although it may appear insignificant, small details such as these are what usually end up costing you the grade that you deserve.

The structure

For you to structure your essay correctly, you have to find a way to appeal to the logic of the reader. This will involve reading your essay from your professor’s perspective, which will enable you to make changes if your writing is not clear at the beginning or if your logic is all over the place.

Confirm the facts and figures

Before you submit your essay, you should confirm that all the facts and figures used, if any, are correct. Submitting numbers and arguments that are unsubstantiated are often the fall of many great essays so you want to be sure that every number and figure used is valid.

Cancel repetitions

Before you can submit your paper, have a look at each individual paragraph and make sure that there are no repetitions. Your sentences should string together like a tempo and beat that is easy to follow. Basically, you want your reader to weave through your writing easily without having to deal with repeated phrases or ideas or without being forced to deduce what the purpose of your essay is.

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