Ways in which global education can reduce global poverty – Stay informed


With education, there are always the biggest myths that are doing rounds. People believe that no matter how much aid is received, the nations are doomed to stay poor and global poverty is something that is too big and grave to fix. Every day there is progress in the fight that is being done against poverty. There are most of the biggest importers of American services and goods like Taiwan, South Korea and Singapore which have embraced economic independence and since then global poverty has been cut down to half during 1990.

With the help of the foreign aids, it is possible to reduce global poverty and there are several other ways to help as well. If you have ever gone through the website of yadezra.net, you will find new ways of reducing poverty and helping the poor and needy to lead a better life. Here are few ways in which education can reduce poverty.

  • Education brings about a boost in earnings

As per what UNESCO has to say, with every extra year of schooling, the earning of a person can increase by 10%. The GPE claims that for each extra dollar that is invested in offering schooling opportunities to a person, earnings are hiked by 5% in the low-income nations and by 2.5% in the middle-income nations.

  • Education eliminates all sorts of financial inequalities

In case everyone has got the same amount of education, the disparity of working poverty would reduce by at least 38% and this means there can be a moderate reduction in financial inequalities.

  • Education gives access to cleaner water and good health

Did you know that in the rural areas, women spend at least 15 hours collecting water for their family? If all girls and other people were properly educated about water sanitation and good health, local water sanitation would also get a required boost. This could decline the total amount of time that you require for fetching water for your family.

  • Education focuses on gender equality

It has been proved that women reap better returns from schooling and still there are several countries which fail to impart proper education to girls. This leads to a loss of $92 billion in the form of financial growth of a country.

  • Education fosters justice and peace

Did you know that the most dangerous countries are also the poorest? When people of the country are educated, they can exercise their civil rights and they also become more tolerant.

Therefore, these are the few ways in which education can banish global poverty. Give in your best efforts to impart education and build a better world.

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