Connecting Big Data Dots to Optimize Healthcare Sector


Data is flowing everywhere from a search you made for finding the nearest medical store to a spaceship landing on the moon. But the biggest question is whether it’s real? This data can be structured or unstructured. Have you ever wondered that these unstructured data can help us to find the cure for the most incurable diseases like cancer?

Yes, it is possible. The big data technology process and analyse the unstructured data collected from various data sources such as medical history records, real-time patient monitoring data, research, social behaviour, etc. Big data fetch useful information from it and provide it to doctors for making a prediction, drug discovery, decision-making etc. There are various tools like Spark and Hadoop are available for analysis. If you are finding your way to success, go through Hadoop Training and start finding answers to complex questions you encounter in this data-centric world.

Here is how big data is revolutionising the healthcare industry. Let’s explore it together:

Strategic Planning:

The insights collected from the processed data assist healthcare specialists in strategic planning. Doctors can analyze the patients’ data from various geographical locations and recognize the need and obstacles people face in their cure.

Real-Time Patient Monitoring:

One major example of big data analytics in the healthcare sector can be observed through real-time monitoring. Hospitals use advanced applications for analyzing the real-time data generated from the caring equipment. Thus, doctors can take quick prescriptive decisions on the basis of the analytics collected from the analysed data.

Let’s suppose a patients’ nerves started falling, the system will notify the doctors in real-time so that they can take proper action for providing the instant support. According to the CDC survey, around 26 million US citizens are suffered from a respiratory disease called asthma costing $3300 per year for a person. Asthmapolis like solutions which leverage the use of sensors allows patients to monitor their health through a mobile application.

Electronic Health Records:

Maintaining Electronic Health Records (EHRs) of the patient is one of the most useful applications in the healthcare industry. EHRs contain critical information about the patient such as geographical and population data, medical records, allergies, test results etc. These records are securely shared among doctors for providing better care to patients saving extra effort on paperwork. These automated records throw warning for adding new test field to monitor whether the patient is taking proper prescriptions as per suggested by doctors.

Advanced Medical Research:

Medical research is getting more advanced day by day. Medical centres are leveraging top devices to collect patient’s data. The amount of this collected information is not limited to a few terabytes, but they are huge enough to require a lot of human effort and time for analysis. Thanks to big data technology for helping doctors to analyse this information and provide useful details so that they can perform a better research without facing any trouble in their way. The analysed information is in the form of tables, figures, graphs to provide a clear pictorial view of the scenario allowing them to streamline their working procedures.

Thus, you can see how big data analytics is assisting doctors in various ways saving their time and effort. Another good example of technology in healthcare can be seen through the incredible work performed by IBM designed tool called Watson. This supercomputer uses the power of machine learning and big data to analyse patterns and making predictions on the patient data. This tool is helping doctors to find the cure for complex diseases like cancer. Currently, doctors are incorporating this technology for diagnosis and drug discovery. This big data technology is shining like a big barrel of belief for humans where it has emerged as a god. I think one fine day, it will also find the cure for most complex diseases like cancer and save humanity from this curse.

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