Top 5 benefits offered by Compass Georgia


Georgia Compass is in actual short form of Common Point of Access to the Social Services. It is an online platform which serves as State single stop for applying of the public assistance benefit along with the managing benefits which you are recently receiving. This service qualifies a point of the contact for the Department of Georgia of the Human Services providers and partners of benefits. It has been regarded as the single authorized website in case of applying for the benefits of public in State of Georgia.

People which are living in Georgia have the opportunity to easily check that either they are eligible to apply for the benefits offered by the Georgia Compass through the online portal of company.

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Offered Benefits:

One can apply for the benefits like:

  • Food stamps
  • Home energy
  • Low cost or without cost for health care
  • Cash assistance
  • Mental health services
  • Child care assistance
  • Substance abuse services
  • Aging services
  • Infant and woman Care
  • Assistance of Child support
  • Prevention from Homelessness.

It takes almost 15 to 20 minutes for reviewing household size living expenses and income. It is to be informed that all the provided information will be kept secure.

Who provides funding for Georgia Compass food stamp and the unemployment services?

  1. Tax payers (federal Government and state Government)
  2. United States Department of Food, Agriculture and Nutrition Service

Organizations which want to get registered with Department of the Human Services to become community provider or partner can do by accessing COMPASS website. A registered community partner or provider of COMPASS community have to provide information to the Georgia residents related to the type of benefits available, customers with application process and determine eligibility along with assistance. The online registration procedure requires the corporate document. This process takes almost 10 to 15minutes to complete it.

Compass Georgia Contact Points

  1. General information which is to be renewed can be received via calling at 8666329992.
  2. You can contact Department of Georgia the Community Health Program Integrity at given number 4044637590 or call the toll-free on given number 8005330686.
  3. Residents who need the fax facility for sending the document in state can do by faxing to given number 4046516815.
  4. The online applications for every benefit program is are done via Compass. Website will take you to the each application for which you fulfill eligibility criteria and submit to Department of the Human services for further processing. You will get a user id and password to log in with COMPASS in order to check status of your applications that is already submitted. After processing of the applications benefits will be issued and then you can use the same login details to view your benefits and check your benefits with Georgia COMPASS.

All of the information and details provided on the website will be kept confidential and secure so user can easily provide the required details.

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