Top Seven Differences Between A Christian School And A Normal School


Choosing what kind of school to send the children to is an important decision. There are many different types of school that can suit the needs of a child. For religious parents, the biggest choice is whether to send their child to a religious or secular school. This can be a difficult choice for some parents, so please take the time to read this helpful guide about the main differences between secular and Christian schools. Hopefully, this will allow parents to make an informed choice once they have finished reading the article.

Regular Prayer Sessions

One of the biggest differences between secular schools and the best Christian schools in Perth is that the religious schools will hold regular prayer sessions which will allow children to worship by offering their prayers to God. These prayer sessions often take place before the school day has begun. Children will then be able to start their classes and learn throughout the day.

These prayer sessions can be repeated at lunch as well as after-school. Parents should research different Christian schools in order to find one which offers satisfactory prayer sessions. That will allow children to worship in the way that parents want.

Hymns In Assembly

Another big difference between Christian and secular schools is the fact that hymns will be sung in assemblies before the start of the school day. This can be extremely fun for children and will also give them an excellent opportunity to worship and show their devotion. Hymns can also be a useful way for children to develop their voices and they might develop a life-long passion for singing whilst they are in assembly.

Parents should research different schools to see which one offers a comprehensive set of hymns that are sung during assemblies. That will allow children to worship in the way that parents intend. Choose Kingsway Christian College in Perth, WA for hymns in assembly.

Socialising With Other Christian Children

Another benefit of going to a religious school is that children will be able to socialise with other Christian children. In secular schools, children might feel that they need to suppress their faith because they fear getting bullied or ridiculed. Christian schoolchildren might feel lonely in a secular environment. In contrast, the children will be actively encouraged to express their faith. They will also be able to make lots of new Christian friends.

Bible Studies

In secular schools, bible studies are not part of the curriculum. This is because the government seeks to keep a separation of church and state. However, in a Christian school, Bible studies form a crucial part of the curriculum. This will allow children to get a greater understanding of their holy book.

After-School Religious Activities

Some Christian schools will provide after-school religious activities such as games, hymns and Bible studies.

Charity Collections

Christian schools tend to focus on charity donations more than secular schools. Children will be encouraged to go around their neighbourhood soliciting donations.

Church Fundraising

Fundraising bake sales and second-hand clothes sales will be help at Christian schools to raise money for churches.

Use this guide to consider whether a Christian school is preferable to a secular school.

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