Understanding The Difference Between Essays And Dissertations


We are all familiar with essay writing because this something we have been doing since we were young but this is not the only form of academic writing we need to know to progress with our educational lives. Every student should not only know how to produce good essays but must also know how to write compelling dissertations.

What is a dissertation?

It is a longer form of an essay which is written for the subjects related to higher education levels, most commonly for the doctorate levels. It is occasionally a part of the final year project where the learner is supposed to impart his knowledge of the subject through a dissertation.

How is it different from an essay?

Most of the times, it is confused with an essay due to some similarities, but there are many differences that set them apart.

Length: Dissertations are the longer versions of the essays. While an essay is usually around 2000 words, a dissertation can go up and beyond 10, 000 words too.

Purpose: This is probably the biggest difference that sets the two apart. An essay is written to explain the viewpoint of the student on a particular topic in the light of all the research that has been conducted by him. A dissertation is written to by a student to explain his understanding of the topic and write about all that he has learned so far in a methodical way.

Writing style: An essay is written based on only one side of the picture until and otherwise stated so. This is not how a dissertation is written. It is written to explain, discuss, debate and argument on the topic that is being presented. It helps make it more thorough and credible.

Topic selection: The topic of the essay is presented to the student where he is supposed to write on it based on his current knowledge. On the other hand, the topic of the dissertation is selected by the student on his own.

Content: The essay is based on the research which is already available, and the student is expected to present it in the best way possible. However, when writing a dissertation, the student is expected to present some new conclusions based on the research he has conducted. In fact, mere research would not suffice too, and it would need some new evidence to come up to a new conclusion.

It is for all these reasons that students often find dissertations difficult to handle. With all the other things going on in the academic life, taking time out to handle a dissertation properly is not an easy job. This is where students can always seek help from the professional dissertation writers who are eligible and competent enough to hand the task properly. We at Sliq Essays make sure that your dissertations are written only by the writers who have the knowledge related to the relevant field. This ensures quality and credibility in the final work that would be handed over to you.

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