What are the Most Import Things You Put on a CV?


When it comes to creating your CV, then you need to think about the most important elements of the thing you’re writing! What do you need to include and what is going to make people interested in what you’re saying? Well, lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most important elements you need for writing a student CV, right here, check them out below!


Make it Exciting for People:

Your CV has to be exciting! It doesn’t need to be the final installment of a crime novel, but it should at least have people inspired to hear what you have to say and interested in you as a person. The more interesting your CV is, the more interested people will be in actually employing you, and employment is the name of the game. Make sure that what you’ve written is informative and tells people a lot about who you are, but leaves just enough questions that they’ll want to call you in and find out what it is that you’re about.

Personal Qualities:

Your personal qualities are what make you, you! They are what define your work ethics and the things that make you tick and employers love to hear all about them! Your personal qualities are a difficult thing to get right as well, because these all need to be relevant to what it is that you’re applying for. The more that you talk about job-relevant personal qualities, the more likely companies are to take a look at you. For instance, you can say, “Having studied my History degree, I learned the importance of an analytical approach to situations and this also helps me with my blog writing”, this is a perfect example of how your university degree has helped you to develop a key skill that companies value, helps you to create in your spare time, which shows a personal application of the skill, and a demonstration of how important the skill can be to the company that you’re applying to. Of course that can also help to raise the question, should students pick a course directed at a career?

Relevant Experience:

Your experience should always be noted regardless of relevance, however, you should certainly highlight your relevant experience more. If you’re applying for a job in a bank, then you should mention more about the experience in your career that is more relevant to that than something that isn’t. Companies love to know that there are people out there with experience that is related to what they do, rather than people that are applying cold. This is something that can annoy companies, so make sure that you’re applying to something that you actually know about. You’re likely to be asked this everywhere, admission officers even ask it for when people are applying for university too, so there is a fair chance that this will be in the university interview questions, that they will ask there too.

What You Can Bring to the Role:

So many Cvs leave this out! Why wouldn’t you mention what you think you can do to benefit a company, just by hiring you? The best way to do this is to mention the personal qualities that were mentioned above, and then mention the key skills that you have and why it will help the company. You need to sell the company the idea of hiring you, and they will listen if there is a benefit to them and of course, you are a benefit to this company so make sure that you tell them why you’d be so good to them. Maybe a company hasn’t gleamed it for your CV thus fair, so you need to remind them, and there is nothing wrong with that. Companies will appreciate your candidness as well!

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Thanks for reading and good luck!

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