What to Expect When Going to School for a Beauty Related Career


There are dozens of beauty schools available across the United States. Not every program is going to be right for you. A school with a prestigious name may not offer what you are looking for. It is best to shop around and apply only to the schools that offer the types of programs you need to start your beauty industry-related career.

Hands-On Learning

Beauty school is not so much about reading books and writing papers. Students have a hands-on approach because when it comes to the beauty industry, there is no better way to learn than by doing. Hands-on approaches help you develop techniques and learn from your mistakes right away.

When working on assignments in the classroom, it is important to ask questions as often as you need to. Knowledge is power, and this is especially true when it comes to working on people’s hair and bodies. You must know what types of products to avoid for those that have allergies or sensitivities. You must also be able to distinguish the right products for different ethnicities and skin types to ensure that you are using products that will benefit your client.

Not All Programs are Equal

Every beauty school has a different program. While some are similar, it is important to examine the exact coursework for each school you are interested in. Compare each program with a list of pros and cons. You can also create a checklist to ensure that the programs you really want to enroll in have what you need to go further in your career with minimal need for additional schooling later.

Fun Homework Assignments

One of the benefits of going to beauty school is that you get fun homework assignments. You may be given a test to try new makeup products or techniques. Sometimes you will be assigned a specific hair style, cutting technique or coloring technique. With this, you also get to experiment with different products and see which produce the best results for a bigger majority of your clients.

Some clients may prefer traditional products, while others may require or prefer organic products. Organic products benefit your clients more, and you can read more information about that here, along with keeping hair follicles and skin cells healthier.

State Board Preparation

The beauty school that you attend should be preparing you for the state board tests as well. These are required for licensing. In order for you to work as a beautician, cosmetologist or hair dresser, you must be licensed. You will need to learn terminology, definitions and techniques, among other elements of beautification. Create a study group with classmates to help each other prepare for the big test.

Beauty school should be fun, but it should also be an educational setting at the same time. If a program is not designed to teach you everything you need to know to be a great beauty-industry worker, it is not the right program for you. It is best to select a program that focuses heavily on the areas that you wish to work in so that you are fully prepared to take paying clients upon graduation and licensing.

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