What Type of Learner Is Suited to an Online Education


Online education has helped countless students earn their degrees – both to complete a high school education and to earn a college degree. It’s an especially popular means of earning graduate degrees for busy professionals don’t have the means to go back to school full-time. Online learning is a fast, affordable way to earn the degree you need to succeed even when juggling everything else your busy life requires. Many types of learners do especially well in an online learning environment.

The Driven Self-Starter

Visit onlinemba.mason.wm.edu to learn about the variety of programs available to the driven self-starter. A person who’s driven to succeed will be able to easily schedule her classwork in between her work and social commitments because she wants to enjoy the payoff of having that degree as soon as possible. Anyone who intends to climb the corporate ladder needs an advanced degree to not only demonstrate intelligence and work ethic, but also to use as a negotiating tool for a better salary, a promotion, or a more rewarding job at a different company.

The Introvert

People who thrive in solitary environments will especially prefer online learning to an on-campus education. You decide when and where to study and can easily choose a setting away from the pressures of interacting with classmates and a professor outside of the online environment. Remove the stress of worrying about more interaction than you can comfortably handle and take the reins when it comes to shaping your education.

The Busy Parent/Professional

If you don’t immediately slide into becoming a full-time college or grad student right after high school or earning your undergraduate degree, you’re unlikely to ever be able to do so again. You’ll have a full-time job and bills to pay – and you may have children and/or a spouse relying on you. The only way to advance your education once you’ve committed to working full-time is to work with a flexible college degree program. Online programs are among the most flexible there are – and you can still earn your degree in a relatively short amount of time if desired.

The bottom line is, there’s no type of learner who isn’t suited to an online education. Even social butterflies will make great online connections with their peers and can use the free time an online education allows to forge social connections through other activities. Try online learning for a semester and see how you feel – chances are, you’ll be so enamored with the freedom and savings, you’ll want to finish earning your degree online.


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