Young people have the opportunity for education outside their home country


In recent years the world becomes more open and young people have the opportunity for education outside their home country. Many people believe that foreign study is a very attractive option, whereas others have the opposite view of point about this issue.  I will explore this question and give my own opinion.

Nowadays, young people from around the world have a chance to enter the world’s top universities. The best universities of the United States, Canada, Australia, Britain, New Zealand and so on have opened their doors to foreigners. Fresh graduates get diplomas from prestigious institutions so it improves their prospects in the labor market.

Furthermore, life in a foreign country gives a valuable experience to students. They have to adjust to a whole new environment. New culture, customs and traditions – all these things are absolutely unknown for students. They try to settle problems by themselves, learn how to use public transport, go shopping, choose accommodation and others. Needless to say,it helps youth to become independent and mature.

Students can live out a life long dream of living abroad and see if it is something they want to continue to do.  They could study in the birthplace of civilization in Greece and spend weekends on the Athens beach.  Or perhaps they have always wanted to live in Japan and really soak up the Tokyo Harajuku atmosphere.  The sky’s the limit!

Moreover,studying abroad grants students the opportunity to completely immerse in a new language.  Many students prepare for exams like IELTS or TOEFL before they are admitted into university programs.  Online courses like SkypEnglish4U are a great way to prepare effectively for the exams. There is no better way to learn than to dive right in.  As a result, bilingual specialists have more chances to get a prestigious, well paid job.

On the other hand, I should admit that there are some disadvantages of studying overseas. First of all, it is very expensive. Not every student or his (her) parents can afford it. Besides that, there is a problem of homesickness. Sometimes it makes further education impossible and students give up studying and come back home. Of course, it depends on student’s personality.  Nevertheless, all pros and cons should be analyzed carefully before taking a decision to go abroad to study.

In conclusion, I personally think that, although studying abroad has some drawbacks, there are more benefits. This is a great chance to develop individual’s skills and open new horizons for successful future.  Not to mention, it looks really good on a resume!


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