10 Benefits of Attending Baptist Christian University


Heading off to college soon? If you’re religious, you may be considering a Baptist Christian university for your educational needs. Here are ten reasons why if you aren’t already, you might want to start:

You’ll Have Far More Options than You Might Think

Most people believe that Christian education is only for those pursuing a life in the ranks of the clergy, but this simply isn’t true. Today’s Christian Universities offer a wide array of degree programs and educational focuses, rivaling those of any secular school.

You’ll Meet New Friends Who Embrace Your Lifestyle

During the college years, it can be difficult to maintain your faith in the face of navigating the collegiate social scene. Many of your peers at a secular university may not understand your motives for doing – or not doing – the things you choose to. This isn’t the case at Christian colleges; you’ll experience the college lifestyle surrounded by people who understand why you’re taking the path you’re taking.

Want a Christ-Centered Career? This is Where You Should Prepare

Seeking God’s will for your life may seem like an odd approach at a secular college, but at religious schools this is all part of the primary objective students focus on throughout their educational career.

There’s No Need to Set Your Faith Aside for the Sake of Schooling

Many college students feel a need to put their faith on the backburner as they work through their courses at a typical university. At a Christian college, you can find ways to manage your time well and succeed in school while maintaining your ultimate focus on God.

Need Stability? Consider Traditional Christian Education

College is a trying time for any student. Adding the balancing of school, work, family and faith only makes it more so. The stability offered by dependable, traditional Christian education gives students a respite from this chaos and a way to center their lives around what matters most.

The Collegiate Activities Don’t Dishonor Your Faith

The sports, clubs, groups and other school activities offered at Christian universities are specifically designed to give you a chance at your best collegiate life, all while honoring your commitment to Christ.

Your Classmates Will Be your Contemporaries and Peers

Attending a secular school as a devout Christian can be frustrating, as you’re forced to contend with and even accept ideas and ideals you don’t agree with. In a religious educational environment, your fellow students will be like minded, learned Christians like yourself.

Surprising Value for Your Money

While Christian education may not be the least expensive option, you receive added value through the additional religious and lifestyle benefits you have access to during your schooling.

Your Guidance Counselor Will Offer More than Just Scheduling

In Christian settings, you will receive guidance, counseling, support and encouragement from every angle. No secular school can offer as much.

Expand Your Worldview – Yes, Really!

Many of the students who consider a religious collegiate education have never been outside of the black-and-white parameters of their private or public education and church walls. Therefore, while Christian universities may seem an odd place to find worldview expansion, they offer exactly that for sheltered students, opening windows to past, present and future that might have never been explored previously.

There are so many surprising reasons to consider getting your education at a Baptist Christian university – so, what are you waiting for?

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