15 of the Most Influential Career Sites For 2016


The internet contains a sea of information, both good and bad. While the good can act as a guiding tool for you to build your career, the bad can ruin it. The information may be in the form of advice, job referrals and personalized career tests etc. When it comes to Career Counseling, yes you can rely on the Internet provided you seek advice from the reputed and informative websites that are only meant to be of great help in your career building process. The career websites provide you with valuable tools that will help improve your career prospects in the job hunting process. Online Career Counseling has proven to be extremely beneficial to individuals over a period of time. These websites not only conduct Career Guide Tests and Psychometric Career Tests but also help in building and improvising the candidates’ resumes which will ultimately help them bag better jobs.

Below is the list of the Most Influential career sites for the year 2016

  1. Indeed.com

Indeed.com is a search engine just like Google where you can actually search for jobs. Available in 50 countries with over 26 languages, Indeed.com claims to have about 180 million unique visitors every month. It stands as one of the most influential career website of the year 2016 as it has helped millions of people find their dream jobs through this unique portal. It also has an advanced search option which allows you to filter jobs on the basis of keywords, salary range and even location.

  1. LinkedIn

While LinkedIn may not exactly be a job search website but it is one of the most effective professional networking platform of today and has lead to a number of placements over the years and continues to be so. It is important for working professionals as well as students to maintain an active LinkedIn profile for better job prospects and opportunities.

  1. Monster.com

Monster is one of the very popular career site used by several people across the world. It is also one of the largest online job markets on a global front and over the years its growth rate has been continually increasing. A million resumes and job postings are updated in the website which makes it very desirable for job seekers to begin their job hunt.

  1. SimplyHired

Simply Hired is also a Google like search engine where one can search for potential jobs. This site collects information from news sites, job boards and company listings. It is said to have 30 million unique visitors every month. An additional feature offered by Simply Hired is that the job listings also display your LinkedIn connections for each job.

  1. CareerGuide.com

Careerguide.com is our very own career website which is meant to help your career advance to a new level, allowing you to explore new horizons in careers. www.careerguide.com is one of India’s leading career website that answers all your career related queries as well as assists students in building their career path and in that process also helps in accomplishment of their career objectives.

  1. CollegeRecruiter.com

College Recruiter is a great website for filling an internship position, for those who are completing their graduation and looking for an internship, the website is clearly the answer. There are a large number of job postings put up everyday which help job seekers as well as college goers find their niches.

  1. Beyond.com

This is yet another amazing website for jobseekers, and is even beneficial to employers as they have the access to finding millions of potential candidates on this portal. Recruiters and companies can make the most out of this website as it offers the most efficient way of connecting candidates with recruiters. Apart from the job postings, the website’s unique e-mail marketing also yields fruitful results to both job seekers and employees.

  1. TLNT.com

This is one of the most rapidly growing website in the Human Resources arena. It contains all the latest news, insights and trends from the world of HR, TLNT is also the most trusted and the largest online space for business information focusing on talent acquisition and management.

  1. Careerealism.com

The website has a special motto which says that every job we choose is only “temporary”. The tools, information and resources provided by the website are contributed by experts who should have done extensive research on a specific subject before posting. It aims to offer its readers the best career advice in order to help them in their career development process. The site keeps its readers updated in the form of regular newsletters, webinars and tutorials etc.

  1. Personal Branding Blog

Owned by Dan Schawbel, his website features career, interviewing, entrepreneurship and branding site. It offers all the needed career advice on the latest job and market trends.

  1. PenelopeTrunk.com

PenelopeTrunk.com is a website that offers the most straight forward and raw career advice, perhaps in a very witty manner. Penelope aims to enlighten the job seekers and employers on the current market trends in her own humorous style.

  1. Dice.com

Dice.com is a website for jobseekers in the field of engineering and technology. This website is particularly loved by engineering professionals as it exactly speaks about their work and their interests. It has a special “social chatter” that lets people know what is going on in the industry and various other resources covering what is new and fresh in the industry.

  1. eFinancialCareer.com

eFinancialCareers.com is a company which is from Dice, it is a resources for job seekers in the financial industry. It offers the top job listings for financial professionals and also editorial content, career advice and other resources that are focused towards the finance industry.

  1. Mashable jobs

Mashable has its own job board which has job listings for Internet based jobs like social media and web job opportunities. It lists only the full time job positions that are open and sometimes also offers internship opportunities. One can receive job offers by subscribing via RSS.

  1. TweetMyJobs

TweetMyJobs is actually a free service that intends to connect job seekers with a number of job openings. It has an affiliation of National Career Development Association. Signing up with this site gives you the access to a number of job channels that offer you information on jobs that match your profile.

A job searching process can sure be gruesome, but thanks to the technology and a number of trusted sources where we can rely on, just like the above mentioned websites that can officially be regarded as the most influential sites of the year 2016. They have helped millions of people realize their potential and land their dream jobs. The valuable information and resources covered by these career sites have proven to be beneficial to employers and job seekers in the long run.

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