Secondary teaching jobs in Birmingham


Sure-fire secrets for landing the best secondary teaching jobs in Birmingham

Regardless of whether or not you have just recently completed your initial training to become a teacher or if you are looking to laterally move to a teaching position in Birmingham after leading a successful career teaching elsewhere, you’ll find that there are some unique challenges to securing the best secondary teaching jobs in Birmingham that may not exist elsewhere.

Thankfully though, by arming yourself with the information included below, you’re going to be much better prepared to not only find the best secondary teaching jobs in Birmingham – but also to interview and successfully land your dream teaching job without much extra effort.

Shall be dig right in?

Understand the “lay of the land”

One of the easiest ways to find out more inside information regarding secondary teaching positions in the Birmingham area is to spend at least a little bit of time getting to know the Birmingham area, its schools, and its neighbourhoods a little bit better.

Like most other regions across the UK (and all over the rest of the world, for that matter) there are a number of different schools in the Birmingham community – and you’ll want to be sure that you are only pursuing the best secondary teaching jobs when you have the opportunity to do so.

By figuring out which of the schools in the area offers you the best opportunity in advance you’ll be able to really streamline your teaching job search dramatically.

Don’t become too good of a substitute teacher

A lot of people are going to tell you that the best way to get your foot in at new secondary positions as a teacher is to become a fantastic substitute, making yourself available whenever and however they need you to be.

Unfortunately, it’s possible to be “too good” of a substitute teacher and you’ll actually pigeonhole your ability to secure long-term secondary teaching jobs in Birmingham because these HR departments don’t want to lose out on a versatile and committed substitute.

By all means make a fantastic impression and use every opportunity to network that you can, but do not fall in love with – or really showcase your talents – becoming a substitute teacher. You may find yourself “typecast” and unable to get the permanent position you’re after.

It’s all about building relationships

Yes, you’ll likely be able to find out about secondary teaching jobs in Birmingham by paying attention to the local classifieds, online classifieds, and even contacting secondary schools directly.

Unfortunately, most of the time that kind of approach simply won’t get you the kind of advantage you need to compete for top secondary jobs in this area.

You are going to instead want to network – not only with your future co-workers, but also with the administration and the HR department if possible – to build the kind of relationships that can most certainly assist you during the interviewing and hiring process.

This is all about making yourself available, making yourself accessible, and providing a tremendous amount of value to those that can help you later down the line.

Utilize these tips and tricks and you’ll have no trouble whatsoever getting a great secondary teaching position in Birmingham!

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