Everything You Wanted To Know About Online Psychometric Career Assessment Test


Lots of career opportunities are provided for a student. Deciding which one is the best can bring lots of confusion. Is there any way to provide clarity to the student? Yes. It is through career assessment tests. These are specialized tests designed by experienced faculty, psychologists and professors to identify the skill set on a student. The scores thus obtained as a result of taking this test will be the best decider of the future area of specialization.

In this article, we will tell you the relevance of online psychometric career assessment tests.

Online Career Counselling

What does a career assessment tests do?

Everyone has got their personality, hidden talents, skills and interests. Thus,it is not necessary that one career option will suit each and every student. So to decide the right career for your students, career assessments prove as a great help. These tests are conducted to evaluate the personality, interests, values and skills in a candidate and align them with certain careers.

Who can take these tests?

Career assessment can be taken by students who are going to junior school, high school or college. During all these stages, proper identification of career is required. These tests help in accomplishing this objective.

Types of career tests

Career tests are basically of four types. These include personality test, interest inventories, values, & skills assessment.

Personality Tests

This test comprises of a series of puzzles and questions that identifies their unique personality. It looks into how organized or structured, introvert or extrovert personality a student owns etc. Based on the personality score, a student is suggested different career options.

Interest Tests

After personality test, comes the interest test. Interest makes someone enjoy their job. If a person works in a field in which he is interested, he can put any amount of labour, time and energy into achieving success in that job. This test takes into account of all those things that a student is interested in.

On the basis of that a suitable career that incorporates those interests is found. This is a contributing factor towards the determination of the career as it will drive and motivate him to pursue the career goal.

Skills Tests

Having analysed the personality and area of interest of a student, it is also very important to know about the skills and abilities of a student to perform that work. Skill tests evaluate the logical ability, verbal ability and reasoning ability of a person to figure out their thinking and communication skills. There are a variety of aptitude tests conducted as a part of this test. On the basis of the score, they are provided with a list of career options.

Online Career Counselling is very crucial in determining a successful long term career. Career tests are a way to provide guidance and key insights to a student which he may not be aware of. This is a great tool that does a careful analysis of the skills, personality and interests of the student and brings the best career option for them.

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