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Faculty and Infrastructure of Engineering Institutes matter the Most

Engineering offers vast career opportunities and immense job satisfaction. These two important characteristics make engineering one of the most in-demand professional undergraduate courses in the world. Also, in a country like India where engineering is associated with enhanced social status, an engineering degree from a top engineering college often proves to be that magical scroll which gives you the best of both the worlds. Every year lakhs of engineering aspirants sit for various important competitive engineering tests to secure admission in an engineering institute of their choice. It is natural to expect that top ranked engineering institutes like Indian Institutes of Technology, IISC, NIITs, etc will obviously be the first choice of the students. These institutes enjoy tremendous brand value in the market and a degree from any of these high-grade institutes can fast-track your career.

However, it is important to note that these institutes have limited number seats and the numbers of applicants are very high. Only 1 to 2 per cent of students are able to gain admission in these prestigious institutes. Another noteworthy aspect of these institutes is that they are all government run. Engineering aspirants though, need not despair if they fail to secure admission in any of these top ranked institutes. There are many other government run as well private engineering colleges which are known for their high quality engineering education and excellent placement.

You need to carry out research to know more about engineering colleges in Mumbai that offer a perfect between your career aspirations, attitude and interest, if you are interested in studying in the financial capital of India. It is important that you take your time before settling upon a particular institute as engineering is a serious investment of time and money. There is no dearth of inferior quality engineering institutes and you are most likely to be the author of your own misfortune if you mistakenly take admission in any of these bottom rung institutes. Devoid of any expertise and infrastructure, these fly by night operators are solely in the business to cash on in the raging craze of an engineering education in India. They prey on students who wish to obtain an engineering degree but for one reason or another fail to secure admission in best engineering colleges in Mumbai or anywhere else in India.

Some of the important factors you need to pay close attention to before making a final commitment when it comes to your engineering admission are mentioned as following:

Faculty employed by the college

This is perhaps the single most important determinant of a college’s quality. A good faculty invariably means that the institute offers top class learning experience. It is therefore of utmost importance that when you visit the premises of an engineering institute make sure you note down the number of full time faculty the institute has and the faculty student ratio it offers. Also, find out the experience and qualification levels of all full time faculty members. Majority of the teaching staff in a prestigious centre of higher learning will employ teachers who are PhDs and have expert domain knowledge. You may find an occasional faculty who is an M.Tech or B.Tech; please remember that this is more of an exception than a rule.

Infrastructure of the college

Infrastructure offered by the engineering college/institute is another important determinant of its quality. Engineering is basically about learning by doing and top engineering institutes pay close attention to the practical aspects of teaching. This, of course, will not be possible if the institute does not have modern and well equipped classrooms, sophisticated labs and well-stocked workshops among others. Also, infrastructure is important because it facilitates high calibre research which allows students and faculty to explore, develop and confabulate human and technological capacity for the overall benefit of mankind.

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