Essay Writing And Surviving College Tips


Essay writing is supposed to get easier as you get older and learn more, and yet the more you learn about essay writing it seems the more the rules change. There are plenty of sneaky things you can do to make it look as if you are working more than you are, and there are plenty of ways you can cheat your way to essay success without trying too hard.

Tip – Make your screensaver a piece of slowly scrolling text and from behind it will look as if you are reading as opposed to sleeping.

Don’t rewrite a single essay, rewrite many of them

Copy one source and it is plagiarism, copy many sources and it is research. Ironically, that line has just been plagiarized for this article! If you want to make your essay writing a lot easier, then look up more than one essay that exists on your topic. Look up as many as you can and cherry pick the best points from each and rewrite them. You can also buy essays for college students online on

Tip – If you are having other people or companies write your essays, make sure you still remember to whine a lot about your workload so it doesn’t look suspicious.

There are companies out there that will write your essay for you

Not to state the obvious, but the reason that essay writing companies are so popular and numerous is because there are a lot of students paying them good money for essays. You can get in on the trend too with the writing service. Try not to use them for every essay or it will get you into bad habits.

Tip – Ask somebody around to your dorm for a one-on-one study session but put all your electrical stuff (and lights) on a timer so you can fake a power cut and have a smooch.

Go through your reading list and pick out references and quotes

Write most of your essay and use as many of the reading list’s entries as possible. The reading list is the list of books/journals your professor wanted you to read in order to complete essay. Go through the ones you haven’t referenced in your essay and pick a point you can slip into your essay so it shows you have a reference to the book/journal. That way, your professor will think you did far more research than you actually did.

Tip – Practice having a grizzled look on your face as you relax in classes and it will look as if you are concentrating really hard.

Offer to proofread the work of your friends for a small fee

Instead of proofreading it, you steal a few of their best points and then send the work to a professional proofreader to check it for you. They are thrilled that you have done such a good job on their proofreading without ever knowing that you have just pilfered the fruits of their weeks of dedicated research by stealing their well-researched points.

Tip – Teachers can spot students with their phones because nobody looks down at their crotch and smiles when they are fully dressed unless they have a phone in their lap.

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