Is Big Data the Future of Marketing


It appears that marketers have come closer to customers over the span of the last two decades if you have a bird’s eye view of the situation. But sadly, as any marketer would know, it hardly matters. The consumers have too much on their platter and they hardly care about anything that is not immediately relevant.

Jake Sorofman will tell you – “When you start with what’s at stake for the buyer, you earn the right to their attention.” Being the basic ingredient of all digital marketing, content needs to be well targeted and relevant to the point of essence. Every modern marketer knows the ways to achieve this as well as how difficult it can be.

Market research has gone to the point of fetching intrinsic details about every existing and probable customer; generic or categorized view does not come handy anymore. Building a loyal consumer base is becoming increasingly difficult and a marketer is constantly challenged. Integrating data is essential though problematic. Enterprise data, transactional data, social media and ordering systems feed the marketers with an increasing amount of data about their probable customers. What makes the marketers’ life difficult is the sheer amount of data that they have to deal with. Nearly 4000 marketing technology tools have been introduced to address this problem and those have been put to great use as well. But the only way that the magnitude of data explosion has left for an inbound marketer is resorting to big data and analytics tools. Yes, big data online course will take you a long way through the modern world of data centric marketing.

The way big data has been used to generate insights to achieve better consumer experience and to develop better targeted products, it is pretty obvious that big data will come to play a big role in marketing strategies. If marketers use big data analytics tools to analyze and draw insights from the warehoused data, it will surely help them produce content that is optimized for individuals. A marketing strategy that is targeted on the cream of the most probable customers exponentially increases the possibility of conversion. While plenty of marketers have made successful use of gut marketing, integrating big data makes the efforts cost effective and time saving making it inevitable.

While the big data industry is creating a large number of vacancies, in various sects, across the world, the aspiring analysts or data scientists are not the only people in need of effective big data training. It will not be too farfetched if we conjecture that basic analytics knowledge will soon be an integral part of every digital marketer’s profile. Whether you are a digital marketer or an entrepreneur trying to manage the marketing efforts, going through big data online course helps you optimize yourself for the current flow of things. There are a good many online training facilities that let you choose a desired from and medium of training and allows flexibility.

Comprehensive integration of big data in marketing is inevitable. Predictive analysis will be an integral part of inbound marketing strategy. Every mail, every campaign, every piece of content will be prepared for and directed to certain set of individuals. One may assume that this will make life more complicated for a marketer but you cannot ignore the inevitability of it; so better prepare for the future.

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