Is learning Quran online really fruitful


There are a lot of people that debate over the topic of online learning about Islam and Quran. At one side, you have people that will encourage this method of teaching and will be in its favor while on the other hand you get to see individuals that do not prefer elearning and will ask you to avoid it. Today, we are living in an era that is moving at a very fast pace and in it, if someone introduces a way of learning Quran, we shall always welcome it. Many people say that those who learn Quran online are not as good as the ones that do it in person. However, it is still fruitful and if required one should not feel any hesitation in doing it.

How you are going to learn?

When we talk about online learning being fruitful, we need to think of how we are going to learn. Is it the simple video lectures that we can see and ping the tutor if required? Or is it a proper one on one class in which the tutor will engage with the student and will help him in learning by listening to him too. Usually, the online Quran schools offer you a chance to sit down one on one with the tutor. The person will do a great deal of work with your kid and it would simply be as anyone would make your kid learn by sitting just next to him. There are special software designed to assure that things fall in the right place and it is all likely to go smoothly.

Is it really working?

The number of students that are learning Quran online is increasing with each passing day. There are a lot of people that are unable to find the right tutor in their surroundings who can come to their place and teach Quran to their kids. It is usually the problem in places where Islam is spreading and people that convert into Islam look for a decent teacher to teach their kids the Holy book.

With online learning, it is simply like you would take classes of any subject online. There have been online tuitions and academies that are serving to people all over the globe. So, if you think that they are working well and have a positive impact on the students that you must not feel hesitation in registering for an online Quran class. It is pretty much the same way as all those tuitions and things will work.

Final words

In short, we can say that the number of people that are willing to learn Quran online are increasing with each passing day. The method of teaching is working and there have been some notable schools and great teachers that are available at your service. Do note that there is no shame in making your kid learn this Holy Book through the internet. So, do not feel any hesitation while registering for the online Quran classes.

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