Making Learning and Development Much Agile- Jay Eitner Believes in Smooth Transition


Most of the workforces that modern day world believe in have been designed mostly for speedy acceptance and it is the flexible nature that actually allows them to achieve this. The agile talent acquisition group is growing stronger and hence allowing the firm to go beyond the cost efficiency. Having technical expertise and attaining maximum functionality is at the highest demand of all firms and when accumulated together it prevents draining out of talents from the organization.

However, Jay Eitner believes that learning and education and the changing trends actually have a deep impact on the future prospects of the multinational organizations. While comparing the workforce within these companies coming in the next one decade, he believes full-time employees will only account for 50 percent of the entire staff. So what does one decipher from such a remark?

The future of learning can be summed up in just three distinctive remarks- just enough, just in time, and just for me. It only goes on to state that the training and development needed would have to equally agile as the workforce and innovation, flexibility and speed are the three keywords that will make the difference. There’s no end to the entire process of learning, and the entire world leads to achieve a condition that only adds to the user’s convenience.

Disrupt Old Paradigm and Enhance Technological Innovation- A Peer Pressure for Jay Eitner

Going by the expenses and investments done in the year 2017 on training and development, it has been recorded that the amount has been increased by almost 14 percent than the last couple of years. So even the multinational companies and established organizations have identified that without the continuous process of learning and education, the progress in the market will be at a complete halt. Skill is something that is inherent, and how well you acquire those inherent skills depends on how sharply you shun them.

Jay Eitner even notices out rightly some of the changing trends which have actually taken the top position in the list of the modern peer tactics. More and more companies are utilizing the team-based learning methods which actually help in identifying the solutions so that the critical market threats and opportunities can be completely ruled out. Studies have shown that on an average forty young leaders come up every year across the globe, and hence work on projects which meet the diverse needs and scopes in the industry. That’s how a complete growth of the industry is taking place. A constant supply of skills and stagnant growth of all the business firms give all their due credits to learning, education and adapting the new techniques in the workforce.

The motif of living in the present is to look forward to future and make it a better place. Identifying how the companies are rethinking their resources and increasingly grow competitive global marketplace will enhance the process of education and give a full workforce.

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