Why Are Back-Up Generators Critical Mechanisms Within Schools?

The safety of our children is a priority which cannot be taken lightly. Still, some unexpected situations can and will occur from time to time. One such instance can be seen in a common power outage. While this could represent nothing more than a nuisance for the home environment, the same cannot be said if a school is in session and the electricity suddenly fails. Let us quickly look at a handful of the reasons why the back-up generators provided by Powerfind International Ltd. are vital components aimed at keeping our educational institutions safe and secure at all times.


When the power grid fails, the first industry to suffer is communications. Schools will immediately lose many of the capabilities which are normally taken for granted. Internet and telephone services are inevitably disrupted. This can be a dangerous situation, for there are instances when a parent will want to make certain that their child is safe. There can also be times when teachers and administrators need to communicate with the outside environment in the event of a medical situation or to determine when the power is expected to be restored. Back-up generators will allow many of these systems to remain functional; providing vital communications when they are needed the most.

Emotional Comfort and Physical Security

Many children are afraid of the dark or unexpected situations; particularly if they are away from home. The presence of a reliable back-up generator will help to provide a sense of comfort and familiarity by simply keeping the lights on.

We should also mention that a school with no power can be a dangerous environment in references to accidents. Unlit stairwells and bathrooms can present very real hazards in the event of a slip or a fall. Back-up power systems will make certain that emergency lighting units maintain activated until the source of the electrical fault is rectified.

Heating Systems

Heating systems are normally taken for granted until they are no longer present. During the colder months of the year, the temperature within a school must be kept at a comfortable level at all times. However, what would happen if a storm cut the power and the location itself was inaccessible by emergency services for a lengthy period of time? The students would quickly become cold and the school might not have any other means to keep them warm until help arrives. Back-up generators have the ability to be directly tied into heating systems. In the event that there is a loss of power, boilers and similar mechanisms will continue to function properly.

Protecting Delicate Equipment

Many schools and universities will often house delicate areas that need to be maintained within very specific environmental conditions. Examples here can include chemistry laboratories, health and science centres, research facilities and medical supply offices. A failure of the environment control systems in these areas can lead to costly consequences. Assuming that specific types of chemicals or medicines need to be kept at certain temperatures, dangerous situations can even arise. Back-up generators will make certain that these locations are prioritised and that any sensitive materials remain safe.

Widespread Disasters

What would occur if a school or university was without power for days at a time and the students needed to remain inside? One of the most grave concerns will revolve around the preservation of foodstuffs. Natural disasters such as a crippling storm can cause such a situation from time to time. Back-up power sources will help to guarantee that students (and anyone else who may be present) will be supplied with all of the necessary provisions until help arrives.

The importance of modern back-up generators within schools and universities cannot be denied. As long as a fuel supply is present, these units can continue to function indefinitely. Please contact Powerfind International Ltd back to learn more about the units at your immediate disposal.


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