The Many Benefits of Taking Up Karate


Karate is an ancient Japanese form of martial art that was born from the need to protect oneself from unprovoked violent attacks. We all know how dangerous the streets of UK cities can be, so why not learn a few techniques that will protect you in the event you are the victim of mindless violence?


Once you enrol in a karate class, the instructor will begin by familiarising your body with movement, then over a period of time, you will learn how to:

  • React to a clinch
  • Effective Joint Locks
  • Arm and Leg Entanglement

These skills are acquired with one on one application, which mimics a real-life situation, and a lot of the techniques are designed to deal with those who carry a knife. There are qualified karate classes in Edinburgh from expert instructors, and whether in a class, or as a one on one with the teacher, you progress at your own pace.


The society we live in is a far cry from just 50 years ago, when you could walk around a city in the middle of the night without fear, and it has never been more important to learn some basic self-defence techniques that might just save your life one day!

Not only will you learn important self-defence techniques, you will also make a lot of new friends, and wake up in the morning with a spring in your step, feeling good about yourself physically. Many people enrol in a karate class for the self-defence aspect, yet once they experience the training, it soon becomes a hobby, and for some, a passion.

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