The Purpose of e-books


Reading books has been the habit of several people. This addiction only grows but one might not be able to afford all the books that he or she wants to read. For reference purpose or for educational purposes, making photocopies of the writing was the only option left until the option for the digital copy came up. With the advent of digital copy, many problems including financial and environmental issues could be dealt with. Such copies are now very important in the market of education and business of selling books and are hugely used by people.

What is an e-book?

When the definition of a book (made out of paper and then the paper has undergone printing) is tweaked with the addition of electronic media, you might start calling it an electronic book. The basic idea of an e-book refers to the book in the digital format that can be passed on electronically (mailed or downloaded) and there is no use of paper and prints. As e-books came to the market, the education system saw a new area of light. These books became handier within the students and therefore very popular.

Why would one prefer an e-book?

The popularity of e-book is on the rise and is hugely in demand. There are a few reasons which speak in favour of e-books:

  • The book can be made by scanning the pages of the printed book or can be directly changed into digital format from the printing format. Either ways, the book formed digitally is not large in size and occupy very little space in your storage device like your laptop or your phone.
  • You can read the e-book anywhere. As you can the carry the format without any effort and the book is compatible in al devices, you will be able to go through the book anytime you want. With the use of the softwares that help you to read e-books, reading becomes much easier for you. Such softwares are also very handy, very user friendly and can run on any basic operating system.
  • The original digital format of any book costs much lesser than the book. Also you might get the digital copy for free from the internet. You can share your copy with people and more than one person can read the same copy.
  • E-books prevent the random and heavy use of paper to make photocopies of the books especially for the education purposes. Books that are hugely used for education purposes are made digital.

What would you choose a book or an e-book?

The digital book format is a growing business now but still some people are old school and they prefer to read the printed copies of books. With an ebook you wouldn’t get the feel of reading a book, you won’t be able to mark important lines with pencils and fold pages for last minute references. You can do these on the software but it is not that handy. Also reading from a computer or the mobile may hurt your eyes. You might then have to buy equipment like kindle to read such books which increases your expense. Not all e-books are free, you have to pay to get the whole version of the book you can be costly for you.

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