Top Four Benefits of Using Writing Prompts


Writing is one of the basic skills that one learns when they join school. During the early stages of learning, teachers use a wide range of strategies to ensure that their students become good writers as the work in class. The use of creative prompts is one way of inspiring creativity among students that are still learning how to write. For instance, some schools use fill-in-the blank stories to help small children learn how to write a story.

It is important to point out that prompts are very important for both aspiring and established writers. Experienced authors in different fields have to keep on improving their writing skills in order to remain relevant in their respective fields. The following are the four major benefits of writing prompts for authors;

  1. Prompts can Spark an Idea for a New Manuscript

New ideas are invaluable, and the most interesting thing is that you can actually get them for free when you use creative prompts for writing. As an author, it is always great to use prompts as you may not know when they may just unlock the hidden ideas in your mind. Prompts stir your creative faculties and in the process provide you with wonderful ideas for your next manuscript. Apart from expanding your scope, prompts put you back in the writing mood.

  1. Prompts are Free and Easily Available

If you are the type that likes free stuff, you do not need to worry about prompts as they are available online for free. In other words, you do not need to have a budget for prompts as there are thousands of free prompts online. Most people are always reluctant to spend their hard-earned money on things that are not necessary, and writers are not in any way different. Authors have many expenses especially when it comes to publishing, and it helps a lot when you can save some money by going for the free prompts.

  1. It is Possible to Focus on a Specific type of Writing

It is possible to narrow down your search for prompts by simply typing the type of prompt you need for your writing. Authors have different types of writing style, and it is good to know that you can always find a prompt that matches your writing style. For instance, a romance novelist can always search for romance prompts in order to develop their romantic stories. Also, it is possible to broaden your mindset by trying new genres with the help of prompts.

  1. Prompts are good for writing practice

Continuous writing helps established and aspiring authors to perfect their skill. In this case, the best way to improve your skills is through focused writing with the help of prompts. It is also important to note that every writer has their weaker skills and using prompts helps one to identify their writing weaknesses.

In conclusion, authors can perfect their writing skills by getting valuable practice and rich ideas from prompts. The prompts are a perfect guide for authors that want to come up creative and focused work. In fact, there is no financial risk associated with prompts as they are free and easily available.

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