How to Write a Book Launch Press Release


Many authors aim for the best-seller status, but only a few of them manage to achieve it. The best way to achieve this is self-promotion because it is the best tool to drive traffic to stores and to optimize the sales of your book. There are multiple self-promotion methods available, but a press release is the most effective. And if that press release is picked up by any major magazine or news outlet, then the results will be even better.

It is a wrong perception that the launch of the book itself is a piece of news. You cannot bring people to buy your book with your boring release dates and launches. You have to bring it as a solution to their problem and mention yourself as an expert to get advice from. The first thing that will play an important role in making your press release effective is its topic.

According to “You have to consider a topic that captures the reader’s imagination. Decide a topic and demonstrate it as a first step towards your book. Along with the good topic, the time of release is also very important.”

It has to be timed to perfection, and it should be newsworthy, so the readers can get information from it. Publishers, editors, and journalists look for breaking news every day, and you have to provide them with one. Not only it will help them, but it will also offer a good exposure to you as a writer and to your book. Keith Harrell was the author and professional speaker who had an exceptional experience in self-promotion. It is because of his press releases that a reporter contacted him. She was writing for A Day in the Life and wanted to get a story of a professional speaker. She contacted six speakers for the interview, but Keith was the only one who responded to her call. He then ends up in a full page article that was devoted to him.

Whatever you call it, luck or skill, this event helped Keith to achieve fame overnight. Keith then manages to get the title of New York Times best-selling book and a multi-million dollar speaking business. It was the press release of Keith that helped him to achieve this success because it was the press release who lead the reporter to contact him. We have designed an outline for you that you can use for your press releases.

First thing is the plan to write a press release more than one. All those press releases should contain the necessary elements. These necessary elements are listed below. Make an effort to make it easy for the interested readers. Provide your contact information to find you as it is also a promotional tactic. Distribute your press release to as many media hubs as possible. Also, include the link to your website because it will increase the traffic to your website.

Contents for an effective press release:

  • Heading: Should be around 20 words
  • Sub Heading: Although it is optional but can be used to good effect
  • Dateline: Provide city, state, and date of the press release
  • Article Beginning: start with something that catches the reader’s attention. It can include a problem or solution
  • Author Quote: This should be meaty and compelling sound
  • Author Info: A paragraph about the author
  • Book info: a paragraph about the book
  • Contact: Include your website address and contact info
  • CTA: This is conclusion that should be a clear and compelling call to action
  • Hashtags: Include social media hashtags related to your book
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